I showed Papillons for a number of years and am not showing now. The females and Male on this page are to the AKC standard. 8-11 inches tall and 5-8 lbs. I rarely have over-sized or tiny ones.  Papillons are very friendly lively little dogs. They believe and often can do anything you do. They  love boating,hiking,fishing,camping or just playing ball in the yard. They are great retrievers and I have used them to herd goats to the barn even. They love it!

Children. I have had this breed with my kids and now with gr. Kids. They are masters at keeping just out of reach of toddlers hands. They enjoy staying in the same room with kids but know not to get caught by  a little one.                                                                                                       I will be breeding a couple of my Papillon females this spring 2018. Some for show and pets. I have 4 reserved already so if you are wanting a Papillon get on my list. 

AKC Champion

Harvee’s daughter Harley