I never thought I would have one of this breed. But they have got to be the cutest puppies and I couldn’t resist .First of all I bought a pair and am so pleased I did. They are such clowns with each other and are very much bonded buddies. A Dachshund needs someone to cuddle with to keep warm all the time. So unless you are a couch person all the time and can do this they will have each other and will be happier pups. Extremely smart dogs. Can be taught anything. Very loving to anybody including children. Small children must be watched with them of course. Dachshunds are not very good at avoiding children little hands.                                                                                                       Puppies due from this pair fall of 2018

Male- Blue Dappled Merle (Branch)

Our Breeding Pair

Branch -Short Haired Blue Dapple

Poopy Seed blk andf Tan short hair


Poppy Seed Shorthaired Black and Tan