We are a family run Kennel in Eastern Washington State. We are inspected by The American Kennel Club and by the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service. Our dogs are our pets and either reside in the home all the  time .   I rotate the adults every other night as who sleeps with me on my bed as do other family members. We want them all to feel special as they are to us.

We love our crossbreeds and Purebreds alike. Some of our customers have had cock-a-poos in the past and want this cross of dog  again in their lives. We don’t care who or what kind of dog you decide to love as long as its well taken care of and loved it’s whole life. Please enjoy our pictures of the puppies as they are available. There are also some Past puppy pics for you to see.


All our Pups come with age appropriate shots, wormed  and a wellness exam by our vet before leaving. Shipping can only be done when pups is 10 weeks old. We do not ship in airplane cargo . We offer the services of a great flight nanny. Her fee right now is 600.00.  We do try to arrange car transport when available. We also meet up with buyers at half way points and deliver for a fee.

Take advantage of our 10 year guarantee for your new puppy if you feed Life’s Abundance dog food.

This is quality food that produces a smooth shiny coat, and strong muscles and bones for playing hard.

For more information see our Life’s Abundance Web Site


We feed only the best food Lifes Abundance to all of our puppies and dogs. Please take the time to look at the info on this amazing food that you can not get at a pet food store.

Our dogs all are up to date on their shots, and worming. All puppies get a wellness check up by our vet in town before shipping or being picked up by new owners. Puppies are sent with enough Life’s Abundance puppy  food to last 5 days so new owners have time to have their LA food delivered to their home. For more information see our Life’s Abundance Web Site

Made in small batches, delivered fresh to your door,  NEVER any recalls Prebiotics & probiotics ,3 diverse proteins, NO Wheat or corn.









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aussiepoo poodle

papillon papipoo pappipoo pappypoo

cocker spaniel mini aussie



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