We will be having Toy Poodle early summer of 2018

They are here!

Toy Poodles:

Years ago when showing my Papillons I never thought I’d have a poodle. My Aunt though got a coupleĀ  of beautiful Red Miniatures . They were such a joy to be around I finally bought Fawncee my toy black female. Poodle’s to me are very bonded to their people. Where as I believe Papillons have a streak of independence, I believe the Poodles do not have. Poodles will choose to stay always with you and are very very devoted. I love Both breeds for what they are.



mom of Puppies is Fancee Blk toy Poodle Sire is Buster Brown Apricot

black female

apricot male

chocolate female

chocolate female